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Korean court fines Uber for operating illegal taxi service

Apr 27,2017
A lower court on Wednesday fined the local unit of the app-based ride service provider Uber 10 million won ($8,900) for running an illegal taxi business.

Travis Kalanick, founder and CEO of the U.S.-based ride-sharing service Uber Technologies, and its local unit were indicted in December 2014 for offering taxi services in collaboration with a rental-car service operator in violation of the Passenger Transport Service Act.

Uber, designed to connect customers with private drivers without taking into consideration if they have a commercial taxi license, entered the Korean market in 2013 and launched the smartphone-based service in partnership with MK Korea.

The Seoul Central District Court said it took into consideration that the defendant admits to the charges and has been operating legitimately after modifying issues that were in violation of the law.