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AmCham to send delegation to defend Korea-U.S. FTA

May 15,2017
U.S. businesses based in Korea said Sunday they will send a delegation to the White House this month to promote the benefits of the free trade agreement between Seoul and Washington as the Donald Trump administration is reviewing the five-year deal for a possible renegotiation.

The delegation of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea (Amcham) will visit Washington from Monday to Thursday and meet high-ranking officials at the White House.

The visit came as Trump has been seeking to roll out protectionist policies while calling the Seoul-Washington trade pact a “horrible deal.”

Through its meeting with various U.S. governmental bodies, the delegation plans to explain the benefits of the free trade agreement and its positive impact on the U.S. economy.

Korea’s top automaker Hyundai Motor Co. will also join the delegation, marking the first time for a non-American firm to join an Amcham delegation. YONHAP