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[Sponsored Report] Hyundai Card curates cultural hubs

July 07,2017
Hyundai Card, the financial unit of Hyundai Motor Group and South Korea’s leading credit card issuer, launched a series of libraries as places where visitors can engage in an analogue way with aspects of travel, music, design and cooking.

Each of four libraries is built committed to its distinctive theme. In addition to distinguished architecture and interiors, the vast collections are unparalleled. Each library stays true to the fundamental values and purposes of its establishment.

Books and other materials displayed on the libraries have been carefully selected by experts to be useful, thorough, influential, wide-ranging and inspiring for visitors in their respective areas.

Hyundai Card’s library series have become must-visit spots in Seoul and have also been highlighted as places to go by numerous media outlets, who call them havens for cultural and social interaction.