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NCSOFT will add popular trading system to Lineage M

July 07,2017
NCSOFT, a leading game developer in Korea, will add a trading system into recently released Lineage M.

NCSOFT said on Wednesday that it has decided to enable player-to-player trading for items in the new mobile game. Lineage M, released on June 21, is a replica of the developer’s mega-hit role playing game Lineage that came out nearly two decades ago.

One of the most crucial factors that retained the popularity of the original Lineage was the trading system within the game, which allows players to sell and buy items with cash. NCSOFT initially announced just before the official release of the game in June that it will exclude the feature to avoid Lineage M being rated as having adult-only content. Korea’s Game Rating & Administration Committee, which is in charge of the classification of game contents, categorizes games that allow trading involving cash as adult-only.

The game maker is now operating two separate versions of the game - one that allows trading, rated adult-only, and one that does not allow trading, rated PG-13.

By Choi Hyung-jo