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Doosan installs solar facility on its HQ roof in Changwon

Sept 01,2017
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction completed construction of solar panels and energy storage systems (ESS) on the rooftop of its headquarters located in Changwon, South Gyeongsang, according to the company on Thursday.

The construction was part of its push towards ramping up the renewable energy business.

The newly constructed photovoltaic power generation system can generate 300 kilowatts of power and the ESS can store 1 megawatt-hour. An average household with four family members uses about 300 kilowatt-hour of power per month, according to a spokesperson from Doosan Heavy.

The power generated through the solar panels will be saved through the ESS and sold to Korea Electric Power Corporation. ESS enables renewable energy suppliers to effectively store and sell power on demand, regardless of sunlight.

The whole construction process from system design, equipment installation and test-runs was run by the construction company. ESS was built in hand with Doosan GridTech, established after Doosan acquired 1Energy Systems last year.

“Beginning with operation [in Changwon] we aim to build up five more solar power generators linked with ESS,” said Song Yong-jin, a senior vice president at Doosan Heavy.

By Kim Jee-hee