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Shipments of beer, seaweed and noodles to China soar

Oct 10,2017
Exports of Korean instant noodles, beer and dried seaweed to China have surged despite a diplomatic row over the deployment of an advanced antimissile system in Korea, government data showed Monday.

According to data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, exports of the three products from January to August reached around $150 million. This is equivalent to 18 percent of the country’s processed food and farm exports in the same period, which were valued at $856.2 million.

By product, exports of dried seaweed, or gim, reached $64.9 million, up 46.2 percent from last year, while numbers for instant noodles jumped 45.7 percent to $56.5 million.

Outbound shipments of beer, though smaller in volume, surged 106.8 percent to $29 million.

The ministry said the sale of gim soared because of poor output in China, while the popularity of Korean instant noodles and diversified distribution helped sales.

Beer exports rose as greater numbers were shipped under original development manufacturing arrangements involving Chinese partners.