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Kakao’s new lineup includes a hippo-crow detective duo

Nov 15,2017
Kakao unveiled a new character lineup called Niniz on Tuesday, the first batch of characters since the KakaoTalk chat app operator released the highly popular Kakao Friends.

The Niniz series consists of seven animals that live in an imaginary place called Snow Town. They are: Penda Jr, an alien red panda; Scappy, which used to be a polar bear but was cursed to turn into a rabbit; Kero and Berony, twin penguins that were separately adopted to the South and North Poles when young but met again at Snow Town; Jordy, a parasitic mushroom; Angmond, a harp seal that loves chocolate; and Cob and Bbanya, a bleached crow and a hippo that act like a Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson duo.

“The unique settings and odd relationship between the characters are expected to arouse interest from a large number of users,” said Kakao in a release.

By Seo Ji-eun