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Volvo Car Korea releases diesel version of XC60 SUV

Nov 28,2017

Volvo Car Korea, a local unit of the Swedish carmaker, released a diesel model of the XC60 on Monday following the success of the gasoline model of the sports utility vehicle (SUV).

The company announced on Monday that it will start accepting pre-sale orders for the XC60 D5, two months after the release of the face-lifted premium SUV. According to the Swedish automotive company, more than 1,800 gasoline XC60s have sold since the launch in September, far outpacing initial sales goal set by the company in the domestic market, which was to sell 1,500 units by the end of this year.

The price of the XC60 D5 starts at 62.2 million won ($57,164).

Along with the diesel model, the company will release the XC60 T8, the plug-in hybrid model of the SUV.