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Dongsuh Foods donates to Community Chest, Pohang

Dec 07,2017
Dongsuh Foods and its holding company donated a total of 800 million won ($731,000) to the Community Chest of Korea and Korea Disaster Relief Association to help victims of the recent Pohang earthquake.

Korea’s leading food and beverage company announced Wednesday that it has donated 450 million won to Community Chest of Korea and the rest to the relief association.

Prior to making a lump sum donation, Dongsuh Foods gave 40 million won of products such as coffee, water, cereal and chips to help local victims.

“We hope this will be of help to the victims of the earthquake and other underprivileged neighbors so that they can spend warm and happy holidays at the end of the year and in the New Year,” the company said in a statement.

By Jin Eun-soo