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New committee created on menstrual product safety

Dec 14,2017
The Korea Consumer Agency, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and local sanitary product manufacturers announced Wednesday that they will form a joint consultative body to discuss the safety of women’s menstrual products.

Five leading companies in the industry - Yuhan Kimberly, LG Unicharm, Klean Nara, P&G Korea and Welcrom Healthcare - are taking part in the group.

The creation of the body was rooted in a shared sentiment among industry insiders that there needs to be a constant discussion to preemptively ensure the safety of menstrual products.

This year, local sanitary pad manufacturers were involved in a public debate after a women’s organization cited research data that products of several leading brands in Korea emitted excessive amounts of chemical substances called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) - for which regulations barely exist in Korean law.

Together, the consultative body will discuss ways to monitor product safety, devise a set of voluntary rules to ensure it and conduct research to find the reason VOCs are emitted by sanitary pads.

By Song Kyoung-son