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Hite Jinro to export a soju drink flavored with plum

Dec 28,2017
Hite Jinro’s new Jinro Plum
Hite Jinro unveiled Wednesday a plum version of soju-based liquor.

Named Jinro Plum, the product is the third in a series following grapefruit and green grape variations. It will not be sold in the domestic market, however, as it was developed for export. Around 230,000 bottles will be sold next month in 11 countries including Cambodia, China, Thailand and Australia.

Hite Jinro, Korea’s No. 1 soju manufacturer, is counting on the new flavor to expand sales abroad. This year, the company’s fruit liquor series has sold 4.3 million bottles abroad as of November, which is already double 2016’s 2.2 million.

Some 1.7 million bottles of Jinro Green Grape were exported this year, up eightfold from last year.

The company said the plum version received more positive feedback during taste tests than soju flavored with apples or kiwi.

By Song Kyoung-son