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Samsung C&T ups dividends after turning loss to profit

Jan 09,2018
Samsung C&T, the construction arm of Samsung Group, said Monday that it would pay higher dividends for three years ending in 2019 to enhance shareholder value.

Samsung C&T plans to give 2,000 won ($1.90) per share in annual dividends to shareholders from 2017 to 2019, the company said in a statement. Dividends for 2017 will reach 330 billion won ($310.2 million), up from 90.8 billion won, or 550 won per share, in 2016. The same amount will be given the next two years.

From January to September, Samsung C&T shifted to a net profit of 436.13 billion won from a loss of 237.48 billion won a year earlier, helped by a real estate boom.