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Striking a deal ­

Jan 20,2018
President Moon Jae-in, right, meets with Kim Myung-hwan, head of one of Korea’s biggest labor unions, the Korean Confideration of Trade Unions, left, at the Blue House on Friday. Kim agreed to participate in a trilateral meeting involving labor union representatives, businesses and the government scheduled to take place on Jan. 24. It will be the first time in two decades since the union walked out in protest of layoffs in 1999. The meeting was particularly meaningful considering it was the first private meeting that the head of the labor union has had with a sitting president in 11 years. Moon also met with Kim Joo-young, head of the other umbrella labor union, the Federation of Korean Trade Unions. The Blue House said the meetings were held seperately as the two unions have different views on several issues. [YONHAP]