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Artisanal makgeolli on sale at some 7-Eleven stores

Jan 24,2018
Baesangmyun Brewery makgeolli
Artisanal makgeolli, a fermented rice drink, is now available at some local convenience stores.

Convenience store franchise 7-Eleven announced Tuesday that it has joined forces with Baesangmyun Brewery to offer eight varieties of artisanal makgeolli made under the Dongnaebangne Brewery Project.

The project, which launched last year, helps applicants make and sell makgeolli brewed in small individual breweries by offering brewing tips and finding retail channels. The makgeolli produced under this project is named after the neighborhood it has been brewed in and is retailed only at nearby pubs, restaurants and supermarkets.

The eight types offered at 7-Eleven include those brewed in Gongdeok-dong and Seongsu-dong.

Each local product will only be available at 7-Eleven branches located in the corresponding neighborhood.

“Dongnaebangnae Brewery Project is aimed at helping small breweries find the right retail channel and find star products,” said an official at 7-Eleven. “I believe the makgeolli named after the neighborhood will trigger interest from consumers,” the official added.

By Jin Eun-soo