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Samsung BioLogics receives first order for Songdo plant

Feb 23,2018
Samsung BioLogics said on Thursday that it has received the first order for production at the third plant completed in November last year in Songdo, Incheon.

The contract drug manufacturing arm of Samsung will be producing biologic drug products for clinical trials for an undiscolosed American pharmaceutical firm at the Plant No. 3.

Samsung will also mass produce the drug when it is commercialized after successful clinical tests next year at the earliest. The contract is estimated at $148 million at the minimum.

The third Songdo plant of Samsung BioLogics spans 118,000 square meters (29 acres), twice the size of the Seoul World Cup Stadium in western Seoul, and is the largest biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the world.

Samsung BioLogics announced earlier this month that it posted an operating income in 2017, shifting from a loss a year earlier.

By Seo Ji-eun