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[Sponsored Report] Hyundai Steel donates earthquake-resistant material to Pohang restoration efforts

Feb 27,2018
Hyundai Steel has donated earthquake-proof steel sheets to Handong University’s restoration.
Hyundai Steel will provide construction materials for the restoration of Handong University, which was damaged during the Pohang earthquake.

Handong University, located about 3 kilometers (2 miles) from the epicenter of the 5.4-magnitude earthquake that struck the coastal city in November, sustained serious damage from the quake and is undergoing renovations.

Since the university is private school, it receives limited support from the national government. Upon hearing the news, Hyundai Steel decided to donate 98 tons of earthquake-proof H steel sheets.

Besides Handong University, Hyundai Steel has been working with other schools on earthquake resistance, including Naenam Elementary School in Gyeongju, which suffered a 5.4-magnitude earthquake in 2016.

Last November, the company launched an earthquake-resistant steel brand called H CORE to improve safety standards.

Hyundai Steel has been conducting research on earthquake-resistant steel since 2005, even before the concept was widespread in Korea, and launched related products to become a leader in making Korea safe.

“Through our support of earthquake-resistant steel products to Handong University, the company will conduct various activities to enhance safety value in Korea,” a Hyundai Steel representative said.

By Kim Min-ji [kim.minji4@joongang.co.kr]