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KAI to lead gov’t push for private-led space program

Feb 28,2018
Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), Korea’s sole aircraft manufacturer, will develop a next-generation multipurpose satellite in line with the government’s push to open private-led orbital space programs, the Ministry of Science and ICT said Tuesday.

Officials from the Ministry of Science and ICT, KAI and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), held a meeting earlier that day to decide the prime contractor in charge of the development of a 500-kilogram (1102-pound) satellite.

The plan comes as the Seoul government earlier announced a long-term plan to help private companies launch orbital space programs in 2026 and send up small spacecraft by private companies starting in 2030.

The plan is aimed at promoting a private company-led development of rockets and spacecrafts as the country lags behind other powerhouses, including the United States and Japan, in the sector.