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Honda Korea CEO appointed to chair auto importer group

Apr 03,2018
Chung Woo-young
Chung Woo-young, CEO of Honda Korea, has been appointed as the 12th chairman of the Korea Automobile Importers & Distributors Association (Kaida) at its general meeting held Friday.

Chung has served as the CEO of Honda Korea since 2003, accumulating comprehensive knowledge on Korea’s import car industry, the association said Monday.

“The import car industry expects Chung to promote a balanced and cooperative relationship among import car makers in Korea,” the association said. “He is expected to counter the multiple challenges that Korea’s import car industry currently faces,” it added.

Chung’s tenure starts in April and will last for the next two years.

“I feel great responsibility to take this position which represents Korea’s import car industry,” Chung said upon his appointment.

Kaida encourages collaborative relationships among import carmakers in Korea and provides data on sales statistics and industry trend.

Ford Korea CEO Jung Jae-hee had served three terms as chairman since 2012.

By Jin Eun-soo