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Can’t pick between chicken, ramyeon? You don’t have to

Apr 25,2018
Ramyeon and fried chicken may seem like a strange combination, but Nongshim’s new Yangnyeom Chicken Cup Noodles attempts to combine the two Korean staples to create a whole new culinary experience.

The product is a combination of instant noodles and a sauce that is similar to the sweet and spicy marinade typically used for yangnyeom chicken (fried chicken coated in a sticky sweet and spicy sauce).

Adding noodles to the fried chicken sauce has long been a popular tip shared online, and local chicken brand Hosigi even started to offer noodles with its spicy marinated chicken.

Nongshim, the manufacturer of the famous Shin Ramyun instant noodles, said that the sauce made for the product included apples and honey to increase its sweetness. Peanuts and parsley are provided as toppings to be added to the finished dish.

By Song Kyoung-son