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Electric ride

June 23,2018
KT and high-end bike manufacturer Reconbike’s AIR i, an electric bicycle that can be tracked down if it’s been stolen or misplaced, is now on sale. AIR i is built on KT’s Smart Mobility Platform Internet of Things (IoT) technology. By activating the IoT module equipped in the bike and connecting it to the LTE-M network, owners can locate their bikes in real-time and temporarily stop them from operating to prevent them from being resold. Customers can access the IoT services after registering their AIR i bikes on Reconbike’s website and completing the theft reporting process by contacting Reconbike’s customer service department. The services are valid for one year after the purchase of the bike. The bikes are convenient to carry around in public transport, as they are foldable and weigh only 15 kilograms (33.1 pounds). The AIR i can run for approximately 60 kilometers (37.28 miles) on a full charge. The bikes are now selling for 790,000 won ($712.26) at Reconbike stores across the country, KT’s online shopping platform shop.kt.com as well as other online shopping sites, such as Coupang, WeMakePrice and Gmarket. [KT]