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Korean Air launches new route to Boston with Delta

Aug 07,2018
Korean Air Lines, the country’s flag carrier, said Monday it will open a new route to Boston in April next year as part of a joint venture with Delta Air Lines.

Korean Air plans to use Boeing 787s to provide five flights per week on the Incheon-Boston route, beginning April 12, the company said in a statement.

Delta Air will allocate its Boeing 777-200ER to serve on the Incheon-Minneapolis route on a daily basis from April 2.

On May 1, the two airlines launched a joint business that permits Korean passengers to use multiple routes when traveling to the United States by taking flights from either Korean Air or Delta Air.

The partnership has allowed local travelers to fly on 370 routes to 192 cities in the U.S. since May. Until April, Korean Air customers leaving the country could only enter the United States for travel or business trips at a handfuls of airports.