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Memebox joins forces with Sephora on cosmetics brand

Sept 15,2018
Local beauty company Memebox launched Kaja, a cosmetics brand codeveloped with global industry giant Sephora, on Thursday.

The launch took place in Manhattan, New York. The brand mainly offers color cosmetics - a significant step forward in the K-beauty trend in the United States where consumers mainly only use skin care products from Korean companies.

Kaja’s products including foundation were made to have a wider color variation to match different skin tones, a policy that is not often found in Korean-based cosmetics brands.

“Our collaboration with Sephora opened a new chapter in which K-beauty jumps over its limits and releases products that meet demands close to [U.S.] consumers,” said Memebox CEO and founder Dino Ha in a press release, Friday.

Kaja launched with 47 products which will start selling at Sephora’s branches in the United States. Memebox said it plans to add new items every two months.

By Song Kyoung-son