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MIPI Alliance already has specifications for 5G devices

Oct 20,2018
MIPI Alliance, an international organization that develops interface specifications for mobile phones, announced Friday that its specifications for 5G-enabled devices are ready.

The announcement, made during a MIPI Developers Conference in central Seoul, means that phone manufacturers can use MIPI specifications when making 5G phones. Interface specifications refer to a way of wiring phone components like cameras, displays and audio with the phone’s central processing unit.

According to the alliance, several major manufacturers have already begun using its specifications for their initial 5G devices from earlier this year.

Kenneth Ma, director of technology planning at Huawei and head of the technical steering group at the MIPI alliance, said its specifications are not yet perfect, as development of 5G networks is still in its infancy and the specifications will continue to improve.

Among over 300 members, Korean members include Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and SK Hynix.

By Kim Jee-hee