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Merck Korea shows displays at IMID 2018 at Coex

Oct 25,2018
Merck Korea is showcasing its displays at the International Meeting on Information Displays (IMID) 2018, which kicked off Wednesday under the slogan, “Power to the Pixel - Next Generation Display Materials.”

Merck’s displays and automotive and lighting applications will be on display through Friday, which are based on high-performance liquid crystals, materials for OLED, quantum materials, photoresists and many other materials. Merck has been working closely with industry partners to provide materials that meet the requirements for performance and quality in next-generation displays.

“In the display field, Korea is a special market in which various portfolios are being actively developed and mass-produced because the world’s display technology leaders are here,” said Glenn Young, managing director of Merck Korea.

By Seo Ji-eun