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Emart24 is now selling the cheapest ramen in town

Oct 26,2018
Emart24 released a new ramen range today with a price tag of just 550 won (48 cents), the cheapest ramen in Korea.

The ramen, named Minsaeng Ramen, is one of Emart24’s branded products and is exclusively sold there. Minsaeng is a Korean word that refers to people’s livelihood.

“Minsaeng Ramen is part of our internal project to contribute toward lowering living expenses for our customers,” the company said in a statement.

Emart24 launched a campaign in August to select 16 product categories to offer at low price tags.

It added that the product was not offered as a cup ramen, but is instead packaged, so that it can cater to customers from various demographics. Cup ramen are a staple for people in their teens to 30s but demographics above that prefer packaged ramen.

By Song Kyoung-son