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[Sponsored Report] Samsung reduces plastic usage

Oct 27,2018
Employees in Samsung Digital City in Suwon use recycled paper bags to receive take-out dishes at a restaurant. [SAMSUNG]
Samsung affiliates, including Samsung Electronics, have started to reduce the use of plastic and disposable products.

The electronics giant is playing its part in a society-wide movement to protect the environment by reducing the use of plastic and disposable products.

Currently, some affiliates — including Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDS and Samsung Electro-Mechanics — are working to reduce the use of plastic at in-house restaurants that provide take-out dishes. This initiative will soon be rolled out to all affiliates.

Plastic and vinyl materials used in catering will be changed to recycled paper materials, and plastic wrappings on cutlery and dishes will be reduced or removed. The use of environmentally-friendly bags will also be encouraged.

Samsung is expecting to reduce its plastic and vinyl consumption by 36 tons a month and 432 tons a year at its restaurants through this plastic reduction campaign.

In addition to its in-house catering, Samsung plans to reduce the use of plastic and disposable items around the workplace, including in offices, coffee shops and restrooms.

Samsung Electronics, alongside other Samsung affiliates, plans to work with employee associations to encourage workers to take the lead in reducing the use of plastic in their own lives in order to better protect the environment.