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Soonhari gets new yogurt flavor, but only overseas

Nov 28,2018
Lotte Liquor’s Soonhari Chum-Churum line of flavored soju-based drinks is about to a little more yogurty - but only overseas.

Soonhari’s new yogurt flavor is the first in the line that the liquor company has launched overseas that isn’t fruit flavored.

There are around 20 products in the overseas fruit soju market. Lotte Liquor said it developed the yogurt flavor to distinguish itself from competitors.

The first shipment of 120,000 bottles of the yogurt-flavored drink will be exported to Australia. The beverages will begin selling there in early December.

Since starting exports in 2015, Soonhari has been a steady hit abroad - export levels quadrupled in the first two years of the soju line’s launch. Soonhari products have been especially popular in Oceania, where last year’s revenue tripled compared to the previous year.

“Soonhari is so popular abroad that local merchants often request new flavors themselves,” said a spokesman from Lotte Liquor. “We plan to introduce Soonhari to many other countries as well.”

Lotte Liquor has been actively promoting Soonhari abroad as an alternative to soju given that non-Koreans may not be used to soju’s strong scent and flavor. Soonhari products are milder than soju, with alcohol levels between 12 and 14 percent.

Soonhari is commonly referred to as “fruit soju,” and has been exported to 36 countries worldwide including China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Great Britain and Germany.

Like the new yogurt flavor, strawberry and blueberry Soonhari are also export-only items that are only available for purchase abroad.

By Kim Eun-Jin