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Police say CEO of app aided in distribution of child porn

Nov 30,2018
The Cybercrime investigation team of the Chungnam Provincial Police Agency said on Thursday that it recommended prosecutors indict Sim Myeong-seob, CEO of accommodation reservation app operator Withinnovation, for allegedly aiding and abetting the circulation of pornography over the company’s file sharing system.

Sim has been accused of aiding and abetting the distribution of 4.72 million pornography videos, including those featuring children and juveniles, over two file sharing systems, which in Korea are known as “web hards,” from December last year till Sept. 20. this year.

Through the circulation, he is accused of having earned 5.2 billion won ($4.65 million).

Withinnovation runs an app called Yeogieottae, meaning “How about this place?”

The police said Sim should have taken technical measures to prevent the circulation of pornography featuring children and juveniles.

Sim has denied the charge, claiming that the file sharing system was run by his acquaintance. The police consider him the de facto owner.

By Seo Ji-eun