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Hyundai forms joint venture for Algerian assembly plant

Dec 18,2018
Hyundai Motor and Algerian car maker Global Group signed a deal on Monday to establish a joint venture to produce commercial cars in Algeria.

The joint venture will operate a factory that assembles knock down kits in Batna, Algeria. The assembly facility is scheduled to start operations in 2020. In the early stage, the factory will assemble 6,500 cars a year and gradually increase production. Medium and large trucks like the Mighty and Xcient, as well as the Hyundai County bus, will be assembled at the facility.

According to the Korean automaker, the commercial vehicle market in Algeria has been expanding. Last year demand for commercial cars in the country was around 8,000 units, but that has increased to 12,000 units this year. By 2025, the automaker projects demand will reach 22,000.

By Kim Jee-hee