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Blockchain firm Linka to add security to HCIactive systems

Jan 07,2019
Blockchain company Linka signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Friday with U.S.-based health care company HCIactive to jointly launch a health care business in the United States and Southeast Asia.

Linka is a company headquartered in Singapore that offers blockchain-based financial services, including a virtual currency wallet and payment service.

It issues its own virtual currency called Linka Tokens.

Linka’s co-CEO Kim Jung-hyeok said the company plans to work with HCIactive to revamp the security of the U.S.-based company’s existing health care service through Linka’s blockchain technology.

HCIactive’s platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology in insurance claim processes to help hospitals provide medical services customized to each patient.

By Chae Yun-hwan