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Hyundai Motor starts its monthly car subscriptions

Jan 08,2019
Hyundai Motor on Monday introduced a car-subscription program with a monthly fee of 720,000 won ($646).

Under the program, dubbed Hyundai Selection, three models are available for users and subscribers can change models on a limited basis. The vehicles currently being offered are the Sonata sedan, the Tucson SUV and the Veloster hatchback.

Users can use the Hyundai Selection app to apply and pay for the service. Cars will be delivered.

The company is testing the subscription service business model as car sharing and rental are popular with younger customers who tend to avoid ownership and embrace more transactional business relationships.

Hyundai said it is running the program on a 10-month pilot basis this year. As the program is still in test mode, only 50 drivers will be able to enroll. Car delivery will be limited to Seoul.

The service was launched in collaboration with domestic rental-car companies and Deal Car, a Hyundai Capital enterprise.

A Hyundai spokesperson said the subscription program greatly reduces the burden of car maintenance

By Kim Jee-hee