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Hyosung signs agreement to develop AI customer service

Feb 01,2019
Hyosung said Thursday its IT affiliate Hyosung ITX signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with artificial intelligence (AI) company Skelter Labs Wednesday to develop an AI-based customer service center.

The AI-based center will incorporate Hyosung ITX’s xtrmSolution voice-recognition and analysis technology into Skelter Labs’ AI-chatbot service to provide a 24-hour customer support contact center.

The service will be able to understand customers based on accumulated customer support data. With the service’s speaking interface, customers will also be able to receive support through images, videos or links.

“By combining xtrmSolution, which comes with Hyosung ITX’s experience in operating contact centers, and Skelter Labs’ speaking engine […], we expect to create good synergy,” said Nam Kyeong-hwan, CEO of Hyosung ITX.

By Chae Yun-hwan