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New Renault Twizy could be yours for just 4 million won

Feb 22,2019
Renault Samsung Motors rolled out a more affordable version of its two-seat micro electric vehicle Twizy Thursday.
The new version, the Twizy Life, is priced at 13.3 million won ($11,900), 1.5 million won cheaper than the Twizy Cargo.
Including the latest release, the automaker now sells three versions of the micro EV.
Government subsidies this year for the purchase of ultra-compact cars are set at 4.2 million won, while subsidies offered by local governments stand between 2.5 million and 5 million won.
When combined, the subsidies could add up to 9.2 million in total, ultimately meaning the price could drop as low as 4.1 million won for the right customer that lived in an area with the best local subsidies.

By Jin Min-ji