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Volvo ditches single-use plastic in green move

Feb 28,2019
Volvo Cars Korea said Wednesday it will drop single-use plastic by the end of this year to support the United Nations (UN) campaign to decrease plastic usage.

The move is part of a global effort by the automaker to follow the UN “Clean Seas” initiative for plastic reduction to protect the oceans. The automaker’s commitment ends non-recyclable plastic use at all its sites, including offices and showrooms.

The company said it will replace plastic with products made with paper and other eco-friendly materials. The global effort by the automaker is expected to eliminate the use of 20 million plastic items every year.

“As a brand that strives for sustainable, eco-friendly business, we will take responsibility to contribute toward a better life for the next generation […] and continue [our] various efforts and support,” said Lee Yoon-mo, Volvo Cars Korea CEO.

By Chae Yun-hwan