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Hyundai Mobis to use AI in manufacturing, supply chain

Mar 06,2019
Hyundai Mobis said Tuesday that it has started incorporating artificial-intelligence (AI) technology into its manufacturing and supply operations to improve product quality and efficiency.

The auto parts maker said it developed an algorithm to detect product defects and is implementing the system into its production lines for motor-driven power-steering electronic control units in Jincheon County, North Chungcheong.

The algorithm looks for defects using its image-based data system and is expected to improve efficiency from the traditional method of physical checks.

The company said the new system has a detection rate of 98 percent, which will improve as it accumulates more data.

Currently applied to one production line, the company expects to expand its use to five by the end of this year.

As for the AI application to its supply operations, the parts maker said it is currently using AI to analyze and predict demand for repair parts.

“The inefficiencies that existed due to the limits of technology in each of the operations are now largely solved through the development of AI technology,” said Lee Sang-hwa, head of Hyundai Mobis IT planning team.

Hyundai Mobis’ announcement follows its adoption of AI for its research and development operations last year.

By Chae Yun-hwan