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[Sponsored Report] Amorepacific offers a splash of new color

Mar 08,2019
Amorepacific launched its Red Vibe lip color campaign for the 2019 S/S season and selected red with its bright spring energy as the trendy lip color of the year.

The color Red Vibe, designed by experts at Amorepacific and global trend consultancy NellyRodi in the spring of 2019, is a vivid, red color with vital energy that lightens up the skin’s complexion.

Red is one of the primary colors with strong wavelengths that can be easily recognized by the human eye. Red stimulates vision, symbolizes passion, aggressiveness and vitality and provides various psychological and physiological effects. High-visibility red expresses the life and vital energy of plants that bloom in the spring, providing a healthy look and vibrant dynamism through makeup.

In order to express a red that can be used in everyday life in a wider range of choices, Amorepacific developed products with the S/S season trend color in various textures, from matte to glossy formulations. Amorepacific launched new Red Vibe color lip products from its three global brands: Hera, Laneige and Mamonde. Red Vibe provides various color options, including orange-based fluorescent light inspired by the sun, ripe red and pink red. Representative products include Hera Sensual Intensive Velvet 337 Red Vibe, Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick 314 Red Vibe and Mamonde Cream Tint Color Balm Intense 29 Red Vibe.

By Shim Ji-yong [shim.jiyong@joongang.co.kr]