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Kakao Friends to be sold at Wego shops in Tokyo

Apr 20,2019
Kakao IX will strengthen its character business in Japan in collaboration with Japanese fashion brand Wego, the company announced Friday.

Kakao IX, the character licensing arm of Kakao formerly known as Kakao Friends, is working with Wego shops in a number of cities, including Tokyo, Fukuoka and Osaka.

Kakao products are already sold in Tokyo at a dedicated store.

It is located in Omotesando, a trendy shopping area.

But the Wego shops will feature a wider range of characters.

The existing store only has Apeach, a character with the face of a pink peach.

The Wego shops will also carry other characters, such as Ryan and Muzi.

Some of the goods to be sold are key rings, pouches and stationery.

The collaboration will begin in the second half of the year.

Wego is known for unique and colorful clothing designs, and is especially popular with consumers in their teens and 20s

By Jin Min-ji