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Aviation talks with UAE end without conclusion reached

Aug 09,2019
A two-day meeting between government officials from Korea and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ended Thursday without a conclusion on whether to increase the number of flights between the countries.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced Thursday that the two countries weren’t able to come to a consensus on terms for increasing flight frequencies during the meeting, which was held in Abu Dhabi.

Last year’s meeting on the same issue ended without a conclusion as well.

The ministry said that it will keep discussing with UAE authorities to find ways to benefit both countries’ aviation industries.

The major reason behind the UAE airlines’ request to increase flight frequencies is to attract more Europe-bound travelers from Korea with cheaper flights involving a layover in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Sources from Korean airlines argue the deal is much more beneficial to UAE airlines, as they can make Dubai and Abu Dhabi hubs that offer connecting flights to Europe and Africa.

By Kim Jee-hee