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Air Seoul completes list of airlines cutting Japan flights

Aug 14,2019
Air Seoul, a low-cost subsidiary under Asiana Airlines, announced plans to suspend or reduce flights to Japan on Tuesday.

The airline, which reaps roughly half of its revenue from Japanese routes, is the last local airline to announce such a plan.

The company said it will suspend flights on three routes headed to Toyama, Kumamoto and Ube from Incheon International Airport from as early as Sept. 16. It will reduce flights headed to Osaka from Incheon from 14 times a week to nine times a week and also reduce flights headed to Yonago from Incheon from six times a week to three times a week.

Both schedule changes will be effective from Sept. 16.

The airline added that it is also considering suspending or reducing flights on routes headed to Sapporo, Okinawa and Fukuoka from Incheon. The schedule changes come amid escalating tension from diplomatic trade dispute between Korea and Japan.

By Kim Jee-hee