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SKT, Samsung system let you livestream at 210 kmph

Aug 29,2019
SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics have successfully tested technology that allows a moving racing car to wirelessly livestream footage, even when it’s shooting around a track at speeds as fast 210 kilometers (130.5 miles) per hour.

SK Telecom on Wednesday announced that it successfully tested the system inside cars moving at 213 kilometers per hour. Cameras installed inside the vehicle can transmit footage in real time at a high enough quality that viewers can join the car as it shoots around the track using a virtual reality headset.

While Korean mobile carriers are using a 5G commercial network with a 3.5GHz frequency, the racing car system broadcasts at 28GHz, a much shorter wavelength, meaning that SK and Samsung had to find a way to counter the risk of the signal dropping out more often because it cannot travel as far.

In order to integrate these two networks, SK Telecom and Samsung paid particular attention to the handover technology to seamlessly transmit signals from one base station to another, even when the device connecting to the base stations is a car moving at 213 kilometers per hour.

The companies hope the technology will ultimately lead to the evolution of the next-generation 5G services and new connected car solutions.

“The two companies are cooperating to commercialize the technology of the next-generation 5G network,” said Park Jin-hyo, executive vice president of the ICT R&D Center at SK Telecom. “We will develop 5G, which is Korea’s core future industry, on a global scale.”

By Jin Min-ji