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KRX to ease Kosdaq rules for listing

Jan 23,2020
Korea’s stock exchange operator on Wednesday said it will ease its listing requirements to attract more promising newcomers to the local stock market.

The Korea Exchange (KRX) said it will put more weight on the growth potential of the new applicants in its listing assessments in 2020. The current listing process prioritizes a company’s financial performance in such areas as capital and revenue.

“In order to raise the competitiveness and trustworthiness of the stock market, we have set three goals, including market invigoration and customer-centered market operation,” KRX Vice President Yim Jae-joon said in a meeting with reporters.

The KRX has offered a fast-track listing process for startups with high potential to do well on their debut on the tech-laden secondary Kosdaq market.

Advantages for promising newcomers will be extended to the main board in 2020, Yim added.’