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Doosan Bears completes re-signing for 45 players

Jan 26,2017
“We have completed re-signing contracts for 45 players (Free Agent and foreign players) for the 2017 season,” a Doosan Bears official said on Wednesday.

Min Byung-hun, main outfielder, signed for 550 million won ($471, 614), which was increased by 57.1 percent compared to last year.

Min became the highest-paid player on the team, excluding FA players. An FA premium has been added to his contract. Min will also qualify as an FA if he finishes this season without any injuries.

Yoo Hee-kwan signed a contract for 500 million won. Last year, Yoo became the highest-paid 8th-year player in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO). With the increase of 100 million won, Yoo once again seems very likely to be the highest-paid 9th-year player.

The 2016 Korea Series MVP Yang Eui-ji signed for 480 million won. Yang’s contract has increased by 60 million won, or 14.3 percent.

With the completion of re-signing contracts, the Doosan Bears will be leaving to Sydney for their 1st spring camp. After that, they will be heading to Miyazaki, Japan, for the rest of their training.