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Yang Eui-ji falls off batting average ranking after injury

Aug 09,2019
Yang Eui-ji of the NC Dinos is no longer the leader in the KBO’s batting average.

Despite having the highest batting average in the league, at 0.356, his name fell off the ranking as he has failed to fulfill the required number of plate appearances to be included on the list.

As the Dinos played their 103rd game of the season on Wednesday, the batters have to have made 319 plate appearances to be included in the league standing. As Yang has made only 316 plate appearances this season, he was excluded.

Yang had been excluded from the roster since July 12 due to injury. He is expected to return to the Dinos in mid-August. If Yang starts playing full-time again soon, he still has a chance at fulfilling his regulated plate appearances.

By Kang Yoo-rim