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[CARD NEWS] The Outcome of a Doctor’s Sincerity

June 12,2017
The idea for the Korean soymilk drink Vegemil came from children suffering from a terrible disease. The beverage, made by a doctor, was a cure for these children.

1) When Korea was occupied by Japan, a young man named Chung Chai-won continued studying despite his poor situation. Upon graduating from school, Chung pursued medicine, earning his living with chores.

2) After years of studying, Chung passed every subject required to be a doctor. At 19, he was the youngest doctor in Korea at that time.

3) “I can’t do anything but die if my child dies. Please save my baby.”
One day, a mother shed tears in front of him over her baby.

4) The baby kept throwing up and had diarrhea, regardless of what he was fed. Despite the hospital treatment, the baby eventually died.

5) But he was not the only case. Following his death, similar symptoms were found among infant patients. No one could figure out the reason.

6) The mysterious illness killed the babies. Chung, who could never save any of the babies, felt even more hopeless about himself.

7) By the time he turned 40, he left for England for study to find an answer. During four years of studying in England, however, the problem remained unsolved.

8) But Chung never gave up on finding the solution. He continued studying in America, where he eventually got a clue about the miserable illness from a pediatrics book.

9) “Lactose intolerance” - Undigested lactose from dairy food turning into toxins in the intestine The minor disease now was considered an awful disease back then, killing countless numbers of infants.

10) He buckled down to seek a diet therapy for children with the disease. Then he thought of soybean soup, which his mother made for him in his youth. Soy is as nutritious as milk, yet lacks lactose.

11) After two years of research, Chung finally came up with the pure soymilk “Vegemil”. Chung fed the soymilk to a baby who was dying from lactose intolerance. The baby, miraculously, was cured.

12) “Please treat my baby!” After that, words about his hospital spread quickly throughout the nation. The hospital was soon crowded with mothers of suffering babies.

13) There was a limit to the production of Vegemil, yet countless people longed for it. Chung set up a Vegemil factory. This is how Vegemil became an everyday beverage many people enjoy.

14) “Let’s try to make a company which puts healthiness before money, nutrition before taste.” - Chairman Chung Chai-won

15) His belief, which has stood for almost a century, seems truly necessary these days, where junk food is everywhere.

Directed by Lee Jeong-bong
Constructed by Cho Seong-jin
Translated by Son Min-young
Edited by James Constant