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[CARD NEWS] VR Pornography - The Next Big Thing?

June 26,2017
Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular with virtual reality cafes popping up all over Seoul. Unsurprisingly, the pornography industry isn’t far behind.

1) At the forefront of a wave of new technologies, virtual reality is redefining the storytelling platform. Once you get a VR headset, you can be immersed in realistic scenes without leaving your room.

2) The strengths of VR are now being used in a whole different kind of storytelling — pornography.

3) It is no longer that surprising that the porn industry is leading the way in the global contents industry. The VR systems developed by the industry are becoming more and more groundbreaking.

4) The real-life experience the technology gives provides its users with a whole new experience compared to more traditional media.

5) Following this new type of content, so-called “adult VR rooms” have recently started to appear.

6) The VR rooms are already common in Japan where the industry is huge. Now they have arrived in Korea.

7) Adult VR rooms are legal. Anyone who is 20 or over is able to use the room with a valid ID.

8) However, there are quite a few restrictions for Korean adult VR rooms compared to those in Japan. Korean law is very strict regarding movie contents, thus the material on offer is far less realistic than in Japan.

9) Also, businesses cannot officially be registered as pornography businesses according to the law. Instead, most of them are registered as “businesses that offer complex video contents.”

10) “It was like just watching 3-D porn.”
Some people who experienced VR porn complained that it would have been much more exciting if they were more realistic.

11) Despite these downfalls, demand for adult VR rooms is on the rise. The brand new experience encourages fans to keep visiting.

12) Adult VR rooms are yet to boom in Korea, but it seems like the day is coming soon. Will the industry be able to overcome the controversial line between the business model and conservative social code?

Directed by Lee Jeong-bong
Constructed by Kim Min-pyo, Son Min-young
Edited by Jim Bulley