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[CARD NEWS] Celebrities’ Stalker Fans

July 05,2017
1) She was scared rather than thankful for a present sent from a fan.

2) I have one fan that remains in my memory. The fan really liked me.

3) In the past, during the broadcast, I once said, “I think a beverage named ‘Mac…’ is the most delicious of all.”

4) Few days later, 3-4 boxes of the beverage were piled up in front of my house. I thought it was strange, and wondered who sent them.

5) I started the broadcast again after the incident and one viewer said “Enjoy your ‘Mac…!’”

6) The person knew nothing but my phone number. I asked the viewer, “How did you know my address?”

7) Then, the reply was this: “There is a way to figure that out.” It turned out that the way was through a private detective agency.

8) I was extremely scared because the person might visit my house.

9) This is what the popular BJ (Broadcast Jockey) Kkotbin experienced. The name for these kinds of stalking fans is “Akgae,” an acronym for “vicious private fans” in Korean.

10) What Park Cho-rong and Son Na-eun, members of the famous K-Pop girl group Apink, revealed about the behaviors of “Akgae” on the TV show “Non-Summit” is also shocking.

11) “One fan figured out our room number, called us, and knocked on the door. I saw through the keyhole that the person was a man holding a tablet.” - Park Cho-rong

12) Also, girl group Apink once received a death threat call from a random guy.

13) Girl group Gfriend’s member Yerin also caught a fan with a hidden camera embedded in their glasses during a fan signing event.

14) Having seen these kinds of incidents, it is worrisome that Korea may resemble Japan, which has an extreme fan culture: fans in Japan figure out female idols’ underwear color through Photoshop manipulation and assume the dates of their periods through analyzing SNS activity cycles.

15) These kinds of obsessive stalking are hurtful, and some are even criminal. Something that should not be done to a stranger should also not be done to a person you love.

Directed by Lee Jeong-bong
Designed by Cho Sung-jin
Translated by Yee Jae-eun
Edited by James Constant