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[CARD NEWS] The Violent Romance Cliche in Korean Dramas

July 10,2017
1) “Mom, do they really love each other?” - Top 10 violent romance cliché in Korean dramas

2) One scene in SBS drama, “Our Gab-Soon”

Viewers pointed out that the scene, in which a male actor suppresses the female actor and forcibly pulls and kisses her, is problematic. However, Korea Communications Standard Commission (KCSC) announced that they did not have a problem about it. *Photo - SBS drama, “Our Gab-soon”

3) In fact, there were continuous criticisms of “dating violence in Korean dramas.” Amnesty International also made public the representative dating violence cliché in Korean dramas. *Photo – Amnesty International Twitter

4) Top 10 violent romance clichés in Korean dramas

5) 1. Forcibly pulling *Photo- SBS drama, “Our Gab-soon”

6) 2. Shouting and verbal violence *Photo- Movie, “Temperature of Love”

7) 3. Having somebody ride on one’s back by force *Photo- Movie, “My Love Ssagajy: 100 Days with Mr.Arrogant”

8) 4. Pushing to the wall *Photo- tvN drama, “Another Miss Oh”

9) 5. Reckless driving *Photo- KBS drama, “Uncontrollably Fond”

10) 6. Throwing or breaking things *Photo- tvN drama, “I Need Romance 2”

11) 7. Randomly visiting *Photo- KBS drama, “Fight for My Way”

12) 8. Officially announcing the relationship without prior consent *Photo- tvN drama, “Marriage, Not Dating”

13) 9. Abandoning on a road *Photo- JTBC drama, “Age of Youth”

14) 10. Sudden kiss by force *SBS drama, “Our Gab-soon”

15) Some ask: “Do we really have to make drama producers worry about dating violence?”

16) However, experts point out that “dating violence may be the result of wrongful conceptions received from the media.”

17) Is it really okay to act like this to the loved ones, when all the family members are gathered in front of the television? * Photo- SBS drama, “Our Gab-soon”

Directed by Lee Jeong-bong
Edited by Cho Sung-jin
Translated by Yee Jae-eun
Edited by James Constant