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[VIDEO NEWS] Retired figure skater Kim Yuna is still the “queen of commercials”

Jan 08,2018
1) Even four years after her retirement from figure skating, Kim Yuna still earns the title “queen of commercials.”

2) She often makes starring appearances on commercials for Coca-Cola, Dongsuh Foods, New Balance and more.

3) Last November, the Korea Reputation Center nominated Kim Yuna as the top female commercial model in Korea.

4) She earns approximately 1 billion won ($940,000) a year through commercials.

5) Despite retiring from sports, her product endorsements are still valuable.

6) There are a few big reasons why she is still loved by the commercial industry.

7) She has avoided tabloid rumors and her fans rarely criticize her. Her success in figure skating has solidified her image as the top skater in Korea, evident in what experts have said about her.

8) “Kim Yuna has constantly interacted with the public, and eventually, she has reigned as 'queen of figure skating.' Until her retirement, she maintained her reputation as a world-class figure skater.”

9) “Kim Yuna’s identity is intertwined with the values that Koreans demand in the contemporary society, which are justice, trust and hope."

10) Nam Yoon-jung (Cheil Worldwide): “Her confidence, intimacy, and happiness that she addresses are qualities that the vast majority of companies are aiming for.”

11) Choi Dong-ho (Center for Sport Culture): “Kim Yuna maintains her mystique, since she hasn’t appeared on too many variety shows. She is the best athlete in the world who is always in her prime.”

12) Lee Yeon-hwa (The Lotus Group): “Kim Yuna is always trendy. Her sense of fashion is based on comfort, sophistication, and credibility.”

13) What’s more, Kim Yuna is widely respected as a symbol of “noblesse oblige.”

14) She has made over fifty donations, totaling over 3 billion won, since 2007, earning her the additional title “queen of charity.” She has been named as an honorary ambassador to UNICEF and actively contributes to international relief efforts.

15) It is inevitable that the whole nation will go on loving “Queen Yuna.”

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Directed by Lee Jeong-bong
Produced by Kim Su-hyeon
Translated by Kim Hyeon-sung
Edited by Matthew Silberman