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[VIDEO NEWS] The singer IU expresses her condolences for Kim Jong-hyun, a member of boy band SHINee who recently passed away

Jan 11,2018
1) [Singing her song “Through the Night”]

2) IU (singer): “Can I say more? To be honest, I’m still very sad [about Jong-hyun’s death]. As a human being, as a friend and as a musician, I’ve loved and respected him so much. I can somewhat sympathize with how he might have felt. His sadness and pain are feelings that I also feel sometimes. Since I can understand how he might have felt, I’m still so sad and I feel so sorry for him. I’m sure many people are still very sad [about his death]. Us artists are so busy every day, worrying about what’ll happen in a month and planning things out every year. But because of all that, we don’t have time to even recover from the sadness and pain we may all encounter, and it’s just so sad that we have to keep it inside our hearts. What else can I say? We all need time to enjoy our feelings. If we are happy, we have to smile; if we are sad, we need to cry; and if we are hungry, we definitely can’t focus on what we have to do. I hope these natural experiences, which could happen to any of us, can be shared with others honestly and understood in our hearts. I know things like professionalism are very important, but since artists are also people, even though we have to make others happy, I wish all of us could take care of ourselves and encourage ourselves first. Please try not to hide your emotions, because it could make you sad and unhealthy. Finally, I know all of us are busy every day and might not be able to rest properly because of the things we have to do tomorrow, but I hope all of us here can enjoy and celebrate tonight after the awards ceremony and go to bed peacefully. Thank you very much."

Video sourced from JTBC / JoongAng Ilbo
Produced by Kong Seong-ryong
Translated by Kim Hyeon-sung
Edited by Matthew Silberman