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[VIDEO NEWS] The air power of the Republic of Korea Marine Corps

Jan 15,2018
1) The Republic of Korea Marine Corps is the second largest in the world.

2) Nevertheless, its air power is roughly the same as in the 1950s, when the Korean War broke out.

3) For many years, Korea’s Marine Corps had neither attack helicopters nor mobile helicopters to land behind enemy lines.

4) But on Jan. 10, 2018, they acquired two mobile helicopters called the “Marineon.”

5) The acquisition of the mobile helicopters was the first in 45 years, after the Marines’ air force was dissolved in 1973.

6) The Marine Corps currently plans to acquire 36 mobile helicopters and 24 attack helicopters.

7) With these in its arsenal, the Marine Corps may be fully able to take down North Korea’s leadership if they are sent into Pyongyang.

8) Since the strategy doesn’t require the military to pass the 38th parallel and attack directly from the South, the South’s army could dominate Pyongyang within two to three weeks of war breaking out.

9) After taking down the North Korean leadership with attack helicopters before landing, the military could initiate the landing operation (named Amphops) on a large scale with Marineons.

10) Unlike in the Incheon Landing Operation, which resulted in heavy damage due to the lack of mobile helicopters, our military can significantly reduce the amount of damage in this scenario.

11) If a “Pyongyang Landing Operation” is initiated, our military can pose a serious threat to North Korea.

Video sourced from JoonAng Ilbo
Produced by Kim Su-hyeon, Kim Hyeong-jo
Narrated by Paeng Hye-rim
Translated by Kim Hyeon-sung
Edited by Matthew Silberman